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Daily Reading: 13th September 2015

John 16.5-6 cont.

5 But now I am going to the One who sent Me, and not one of you asks: “Where are you going?”

6 But your heart has been filled with grief, because I have spoken these things to you.

There are a couple of occasions prior to this when Peter, then Thomas had asked Jesus about where He was going:

Both questions were asked in the Upper Room, not long before Jesus said that they did not question Him about where He was going. Firstly by Peter:

Simon Peter said to Him: “Lord, where are you going?” Jesus replied: “Where I am going now you are not able to follow Me; but later on you will follow” – John 13.36.

On this occasion Jesus did not specifically say where He was going. Instead He went on to say that Peter would deny Him.

Secondly by Thomas:

Thomas said to Him: “Lord, we do not know where you are going, so how can we know the way? – John 14.5.

Jesus followed this by saying that the only way to know the Father was by knowing Him.

What are we to make of Jesus saying that they did not question Him about His departure?

It is clear from what Thomas said that he, at least, and probably the other disciples did not understand quite what Jesus meant when He said that He was going to the Father.

Jesus had previously said that He was going to the Father:

“In all sincerity I tell you: the one believing in Me and the works that I do, he will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” – John 14.12.

It is possible, on this occasion, that the minds of the disciples were on the prophecy of Jesus that they would be doing greater things than Jesus. Maybe they were pre-occupied as to how this could be, rather than on asking Him about where He was going.

Later on in verse 28 Jesus said:

“You have heard that I told you: “I am going, and I am coming back to you. If you loved Me, you would have rejoiced that I am going to the Father, because the Father is greater than Me”.

Here it would appear as there was no break in the speech of Jesus, and He quickly followed this by saying that they must get up and leave that place.

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