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Daily Reading: 12th May 2015

John 13.21

21 Saying these things Jesus was troubled in His spirit and testified and said: “In all sincerity I tell you that one of you will betray Me.”

The word of God tells us that Jesus was tested in every way that we are. This means there is nothing that we experience that He has not already experienced. There are many times in our life that we get troubled in our spirits.

No doubt we can all recall times when our hearts are agitated, because of some situation that we do not have control over.

The disciples were troubled and agitated when they were in the boat and a storm blew up, causing the waves to brake over their boat. They were greatly troubled, because they feared they were going to drown. They agitated because their lives were at risk; death starred them in the face.

On that occasion they went to Jesus, who rebuked the wind and waves, bringing calm to the waters and to the disciples. He then gently rebuked them for their lack of faith.

When John wrote that Jesus was troubled in His spirit, it was not through lack of faith. Jesus was full of faith, yet He was troubled in His spirit.

Let us consider this.

Jesus knew every detail of what was going to happen to Him. This included the act of betrayal that had already been set in place. He knew that within a few minutes Judas was about to go and conclude an act that was to lead to His crucifixion on the cross.

Judas had become the enemy within the camp, and this troubled Jesus. He was someone whom Jesus had called, who had experienced so much of the power of God, yet he came to the point of rejecting Jesus; disillusioned in some way or another.

Let us pray that we are never the cause of Jesus being troubled in His spirit.

We all know that we still do things wrong. Sometimes we are very aware of this, whereas there are times when we are not. However, we can always be sure that we have the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of our souls to see the times we need to repent. We must all follow His promptings and turn away from our sin. In doing so we know that we will not be the cause of Jesus being troubled in His spirit.

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