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Daily Reading: 11th April 2016

John 21.12-14

12 Jesus said (says) to them: “Come here, have some breakfast”. Knowing that it is the Lord, none of the disciples dared to ask Him: “Who are You?”

13 Jesus came (comes) and took (takes) the bread and gave (gives) it to them, and likewise the fish. 

14 Having been raised from the dead this was already the third time Jesus was revealed to the disciples.

Jesus knows what we need and at the appropriate time.

He knew that His disciples had been working hard all night. He knew that they were tired and hungry, therefore, He had prepared some breakfast for them.

This is what they needed at that time, and that is what He provided for them.

There was an occasion when Jesus knew that His disciples were in need of rest, therefore He invited them to go with Him to a quiet place to be with Him:

And He says to them: ‘Come privately by yourselves, into a solitary place and take it easy for a while.’ For there were many coming and going, and they had no time to eat – Mark 6.31. However, on that occasion the crowds followed them and Jesus taught them.

Jesus knows what we need both physically and spiritually. We can be certain that He will meet our needs and that He will do so at the right moment, just as He did with His disciples as they came ashore after fishing all night.

He gave them breakfast before they cleaned their nets. There were jobs to be done, but Jesus knew that they needed to be fed first.

There can be times when we are so busy that we can neglect what is really a priority. For the disciples they knew that the priority for them was to respond to the invitation of Jesus to have some breakfast.

Somebody once said to me that it is important that we learn to distinguish the difference from what is important and what is a priority.

In our life there are many things that are important and figure high on our list of things to do. It is necessary for us to learn what the priorities are. We can do this as we listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit within us. He will direct our minds to know what is an absolute priority for any given moment. He will direct us into knowing the will of Jesus for us at any given moment.

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