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Daily Reading: 10th June 2015

John 14.4-5

4 and you know the way to where I am going.

5 Thomas said to Him: “Lord, we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?

Knowing the way to a destination is vital if we are to complete our journey. We are fortunate to live in days where we no longer need to rely on maps to guide us to where we want to go. We are blessed to have the aid of SatNavs that direct us as to which way we should go at every turn, even if they occasionally take us along unsuitable routes.

There are a number of routes that are well known to us, and we need no assistance in planning and making our journey. However, when we are going to somewhere that we have never been to before, we do need assistance.

The disciples of Jesus found themselves in that situation.

It is clear from what Jesus said, that they did know the way to where Jesus was going, even though Thomas said that he didn’t.

He was brave enough to state his ignorance of what was to happen. Yet he was the one who had said to the other disciples that they should go with Jesus to Jerusalem so that they might die with Him if necessary: Then Thomas, the one called Didymus, said to his fellow disciples: “Let us also go that we might die with Him” – John 11.16.

Jesus knew that Thomas and the other disciples were aware that His way ahead was the way of death, and He told them that they knew this.

Therefore, why did Thomas say that he didn’t know the way?

Possibly he may have doubted that the way of Jesus needed to be through suffering and death; possibly he may have been hoping that there was another way; or possibly he may have forgotten what he apparently knew and declared before they went to Bethany and the raising of Lazarus.

We may never know why Thomas made this statement, but one thing is for sure and it is that Jesus knows exactly what we know. There are things that Jesus has shown us, but we may have either forgotten or pushed to the back of our minds. When that happens, then, by the Holy Spirit Jesus will gently remind us of what He has said, and of the way we should go.

May our hearts always be open to Jesus reminding us of the direction that He wants us to take.

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