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Daily Reading: 10th April 2016

John 21.10-11cont.

10 Jesus said (says) to them: “Now bring some of the fish that you caught”.

11 Simon Peter went on up (on to the boat) and dragged the net onto the land. It was full of large fish, one hundred and fifty three. Though there were so many the net was not torn.

We have already seen that this was the second occasion when Jesus miraculously gave his disciples a great haul of fish after they had been fishing all night. One of the contrasts is that on the first occasions the nets broke, but on the second occasion they did not.

A number of commentators suggest that there is a spiritual significance in this:

1 The breaking of the nets on the first occasion is symbolic of many being called, but few being chosen.

2 The nets not being torn by the 153 catch of fish represents the fact that all those who are given to Jesus will be saved and not lost.

Maybe we might relate this to the parable of the sower, where the word is preached and received by many, but many fall away through various reasons, whereas the seed that falls on good ground produces an abundant harvest.

The blessings of God are poured out upon us. In order for us to catch them we must obey the instructions of Jesus to ‘throw out our nets’. This means that sometimes He instructs us to do something which we have already been doing, but without success. Obeying the instructions of Jesus may mean doing something that in our world makes no sense.

Obeying His instructions means to step out in faith and do what He says, because it is Him that is saying it, and in the depths of our souls we know that He really does know best.

Such obedience will catch a large haul, which will be beyond what we could have thought of as being possible.

Also the blessings of God will not tear our nets.

He does not bless us with things that we cannot handle; He does not bless us with things that will cause us heart-ache, or cause us to worry.

Just as He does not give us things to bear beyond what we can handle, likewise He does not bless us with things that will cause us grief.

His blessings lift our souls and spirits into a deeper appreciation of who He is.

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