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Bible Reading: 17th April 2015

John 13.1 cont.

1 However, before the feast of the Passover, Jesus, knowing that His time (hour) had come that He should leave this world and go to the Father, He loved His own in this world, He loved them to the end.

The time of greatest trial for Jesus was to be the doorway through which Jesus would return to the Father.

Jesus had no doubt about what was before Him.

  1. He knew that He faced betrayal. He knew what Judas was about to do. Judas may have thought that he had made a secret agreement with the religious leaders, but Jesus knew, since He knows all things.

Likewise Jesus knows what we are about to do. There is nothing about our intentions and behaviour that He is unaware of. Therefore, it is necessary for us to stay close to Him and focused on Him so that He can lead us out of our ways, into His perfect will for us.

  1. Jesus knew that His arrest would be followed by a religious trial. He knew that His prime accusers were the religious authorities. They were the people who should have allowed the Scriptures to enlighten them to the fact the Messiah was amongst them. However, it was as John said in chapter 1: 11 He came to His own people, but His own people did not receive Him.

Through the prophets God had revealed to His people all about the coming of Jesus, but they rejected those prophets and what God had said.

We must be very aware that we fully accept and believe what God has revealed to us through the pages of the Bible, because it is in them that we receive the revelation from God as to whom Jesus is: His one and only Son.

Many people have differing ideas about Jesus, but the only truth is what God, our Father, has revealed to us in His word.

  1. Jesus also knew that He would be tried by the Roman officials. He knew that He would stand before Pilate, and He knew that he would hand Him over to be crucified. Jesus knew that the next few hours would were to lead to His death on the cross.

The writer to the Hebrews wrote this about Jesus: He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy He knew would be His afterward – Hebrews 12.2 (NLT).

The followers of Jesus may also be called upon to endure many trials and tribulations, and even death. Yet there is a joy that is also set before us, it is the joy of spending eternity with Him.

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