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Bible Reading: 16th May 2015

John 13.26

26 Then Jesus answered: “It is the one to whom I will give the bit (of bread) that I will dip.” Having dipped the bit (of bread) He took it and gave it to Judas, Simon Iscariot.

Perhaps to the disappointment of the disciples Jesus appears not to have given a direct answer. Instead He tells them that if they want to know who the betrayer is they will have to observe what was about to happen. They are told that the betrayer is the one to whom Jesus will give a piece of bread that He has dipped.

They were in the middle of the Passover Meal, and Jesus would have been leading this meal. He would have taken a piece (about a mouthful) of bread and dipped it in a sauce and then given it to each of the disciples in turn (Ellicott’s commentary).

Therefore, it is possible that the disciples were still left wondering who the betrayer was, because they would all have received from Him a piece of the bread.

We do not know if Jesus had already given some of this bread to some of the disciples. All we know is that Judas was the next person that Jesus served.

W Barclay makes the point that Judas must have been sitting next to Jesus on His left. This was a place of highest honour, and a place where the head of Jesus would have been resting on the chest of Judas.

This would explain how Jesus was able to speak to Judas in a quiet way, and in a way which meant the other disciples would not have understood what Jesus said to Judas.

In this incident we see that Jesus was showing Judas that He still loved him, even though He knew that Judas was about to embark on a terrible act of treachery.

The love of Jesus never ceases to make its’ appeal into the hearts of men.

Even when a person is set on doing their own dark deed, the light of the love of Jesus still seeks to penetrate such darkness. The love of Jesus still seeks to turn the heart of a person so that they can repent and know His amazing saving grace.

May we always respond positively to the loving appeals of Jesus that always seek to lead us onto His paths of righteousness.

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