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Bible reading: 10th May 2015

John 13.19

19 From now on I tell you this before it happens; so that when it happens you might believe that I Am He.

Being told about something before it happens is always a great help for us.

Before we start to attend school our parents tell us what is likely to happen at school.

When I first started work the Station Master explained to me what my working day would consist of (mostly sweeping up and cleaning). Therefore, in my mind I was prepared for what was going to happen. On the day that I started work he re-affirmed these expectations.

Jesus told the disciples many things, He taught them a great deal, and He showed them His Divine nature. He had just informed them that one of their number was about to betray Him.

Then He tells them that He has said this so that they would be ready to believe that He is the ‘I AM’.

In telling them about His betrayer Jesus was preparing the ground for their faith in Him to grow into seeing that He is their Messiah, God’s anointed One.

His prophecy about being betrayed was a revelation to them about His Messiahship.

He was preparing the way for them to enter into a greater degree of understanding of Him and faith in Him.

Whenever Jesus reveals things to us it is to assist us in believing Him.

There are times when He reveals things that are going to happen, which may be unpleasant. Such a revelation from Him is to help build up our faith in Him as our Lord and Saviour, as well as to prepare us to endure whatever circumstance He is about to lead us through.

The disciples were about to enter a time of extreme difficulty. However, this revelation from Jesus was to prepare them to believe in Jesus, in and through the dark days that were to follow.

Circumstances, good or bad, do not determine our faith. It is the words of Jesus that builds faith, words that prepare us to know that come what may, Jesus is and always will be Lord over all circumstances.

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