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Angela Baker gave her testimony – In 2008 /2009 I had 3 major operations all had complications and was in a lot of pain with swollen joints (all of them) I had various treatments but nothing helped. It got to the stage where I had difficulty getting out of a chair, dressing etc. the message I received was that God is teaching you patience, not an easy one to cope with.

I decided to change my prayer for healing to one that asked for a change in the medical staff to help me. We also moved house and had to change Doctors – at our first meeting she asked about the medications that I was taking, after telling her she said but what are you taking for Rheumatoid Arthritis – I didn’t know that I had it. Appointment was made at KingsMill and was treated by Locums with various medications, none which made any difference. I continued praying that a new consultant would be appointed – prayers were answered July 2010 and I was put on a brand new drug which they could not tell me what the long term effects might be, after 3 weeks of the new drug I could move again, We went to a ‘Praise Night’ at Zion I could move and clap – Praise the Lord.

I had to inject the new drug plus another once a week the needles were approx. 3cm long and thick which always made me cry, I also have to inject insulin 4 times a day but a much shorter & thinner needle.

12th January 2015 I sat on the bed looking at these big needles and cried out to Jesus – I can’t do this anymore please help me – I put the injections into the sharps bin and didn’t tell anyone that I hadn’t injected. 5 weeks later still no pain or swelling so I told my husband and then the church. The 6th March was my 6th month review with the Consultant (she was off sick so I saw a Locum) He asked me how I was – the best I have felt for years – and I told him that Jesus had healed me after a lengthy discussion he told me that I should have had withdrawal symptoms just stopping like that – I said that Jesus heals completely there are no withdrawal symptoms.

The outcome of this meeting was that although he understood what I was saying he couldn’t write that in my notes, he would put down that I was in remission and that he would give me a plan should the symptoms return and he wanted to see me in 6 months.

2nd April 2015 it is now 12 weeks still no pain or swelling.

Thank you Jesus.


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