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Daily Reading: 2nd May 2015

John 13.10-11 cont.

10 Jesus said to him: “The person who has had a bath does not have a need to wash (except his feet], but is clean all over; and you are clean, though not all of you.”

11 For He knew the one who was going to betray Him; this is why He said that you are not all clean.

We all like to think that as we progress in life we gain more knowledge, and it is true. When we are younger we think that we know it all, but the older we get the more we realize that we know very little, even though we are constantly learning.

The book of Proverbs has many things to say about knowledge, importantly we read: “Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in understanding” – Proverbs 9.10 (NLT).

True and essential knowledge is to be found only in Jesus. The real understanding of what life is all about is only to be found in Him.

He is the fount of all knowledge. He knows all things.

Therefore, He knew who was going to betray Him. He knew that it was Judas who would be the one to inform the Chief Priests as to where they could arrest Him.

The truly great thing is that when Jesus called Judas to be His disciples He already knew that He was asking His betrayer to follow Him:

“But there are some of you who do not believe”. Jesus knew from the beginning those who do not believe and the one who would betray Him – John 6.64. This is amazing grace.

He knows all about us. There is nothing in our life that is going to take Jesus by surprise. He knew that Peter was going to deny Him, and He forewarned him about this. The wonderful thing is that, after His resurrection Jesus restored him.

He knows those times when we are going to miss the mark in our walk with Him; times when we fail to live according to His ways.

Therefore, from the very beginning Jesus knew how it would turn out with Judas, and yet He still received him as one of His disciples.

We are so very blessed that Jesus loves us so much that He calls us to be with Him, regardless of our failings.

The old hymn ‘It is a thing most wonderful’ contains these words:

I cannot tell how He could love A child so weak and full of sin; His love must be most wonderful, If He could die my love to win.

William Walsham How

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